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Arctic Gas Company is an oil and gas exploration and production company managed by Kudrin Vladimir Aleksandrovicha and established on June 24, 1992.

Arcticgas is a private company which consolidates most of the current Group’s projects and seeks to implement new ones.

Currently, Arcticgas is focused on investments in the exploration of oil and gas sector (including crude oil and other oil products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG)), engineering, power supply.

Our company Arcticgas symbolizes transition of the company to a new stage of development. A new name mirroring the previous one confirms that the main economic areas, the way of doing business, staff, values, and social responsibility remain the same.




    Arcticgas staff is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

    The company implements projects using best technologies and optimal solutions to achieve the best results.

    The company takes high responsibility for meeting its commitments in due time and manner.

    The company is open for public, partners and clients, providing all the necessary information on its activities.



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Arctic Gas Company is a subsidiary company of Gazprom Neft PAO

The Group was established in 1992.
The company was originally called Senega. Senega can be deciphered as Severneftegaz, then the current name of the company, ARCTICGAZ, was suggested. ARCTICGAZ JSC is a joint venture of PJSC NOVATEK and PJSC Gazprom Neft. The main activity of the Company is geological exploration, production of oil, gas and gas condensate in the fields owned by the company.

Arctic Gas Company

Arcticgas holds licenses for geological exploration and production of hydrocarbons within Samburgsky, Evo-Yakhinsky, Yaro-Yakhinsky, North-Chaselsky, East-Urengoysky, North-Yesetinsky and Autumn license areas.






Arctic Gas Company is in the parity management of NOVATEK and Gazprom Neft, holds licenses for exploration and production of the Samburgsky license area and for geological exploration and production of hydrocarbons within the Evo-Yakhinsky, Yaro-Yakhinsky and Severo-Chaselsky license areas . Proved reserves of ARKTIKGAZ according to PRMS standards as of December 31, 2014 are 695 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and 127 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons.

Until 2013, the asset was Russian-Italian. At the end of 2013, Italian shareholders withdrew from the project and in the spring of 2014 Gazprom Neft and NOVATEK agreed on parity control over the company

The first phase of the field of the Samburgskoye field within the Samburgskiy license area was put into operation in April 2012, the second stage - in December 2012, the third - in September 2014. The deposit's capacity is about 7 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and 0.9 million tons of gas condensate per year.

About the project

The first stage of the Urengoyskoye field within the Samburgsky license area was commissioned in April, the second stage - in December 2014, in March 2015, the field reached its full capacity. The capacity of field facilities of the field is about 13 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and 4.7 million tons of de-ethanized condensate per year.

At the beginning of April 2015, the I stage of the Yaro-Yakhinsky field was launched. In June 2015, the field was brought to the design level of production in the amount of about 7.7 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and 1.3 million tons of de-ethanized gas condensate per year.

Natural gas from the fields goes to the Unified Gas Supply System, gas condensate to the Yurkharovo-Purovsky ZPK condensate pipeline. The development of the Samburgskoye field also involves the development of oil rims with connection to the Zapolyarye-Purpe oil pipeline under construction.

Gas Export

The largest producer of natural gas in Russia, the second in terms of production after OAO Gazprom. The company is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of natural gas and hydrocarbons and has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Consistently increasing its natural gas production.

All gas condensate is sold on international markets, while other liquid hydrocarbons, including LPG, crude oil and petroleum products, are sold both on the domestic market and for export.

Natural gas is sold both to final consumers in the Russian Federation, mainly to electric power industry enterprises, large industrial consumers, regional gas companies, and international traders.

In 2011, gross production amounted to 53.54 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas and 4.12 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons.

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